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Quick rough guide to current pension increases

The current round of pension increases (ie 1 Sept 2017 to 1 Oct 2020) is extremely complex in regard to (a) eligibility for the increase(s) and (b) the application of the increases.  The full details are in DPER Circulars 20/2017 and02/2018.  The attached summary has...

Payment of Pension Increases – update 30.05.19

The PSSC has provided the RCPSA with a further update on progress.  As you can see, considerable progress has been made in the past two months.  The RCPSA will continue to request periodic updates and publish the information on the website. The PSSC has informed the...

2019 May Newsletter

The Newsletter contains the Motions and information for the AGM on THURS 30 MAY 2019, ASHLING HOTEL. The Newsletter will issue in hardcopy to each member before the AGM.Click download to get our May 2019 bulletin.  The document is large so may take a while.


SPOUSES and CHILDREN’S SCHEME - Motion passed at AGM on 25 May 2017 - UPDATE Motion passed at AGM on 25 May 2017Revised Spouses and Children Scheme. That this AGM instructs the Council of the RCPSA to seek a once-off option, for members who retired before 1 April 2011...


A welcome message from our president, and a message for 2018 regarding activities and moving forward.

Speech by Sean O Riordain of the RCPSA

We also hope that the meeting will be useful in answering questions about how individual pensioners might help in the Alliance campaign for the ending of emergency powers used to reduce public service pensions and the ending of discrimination against public service pensioners in the application of the Universal Social Charge.

Press Release May 2014

I have been asked by Council to address the AGM in relation to the recent establishment of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants.