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Wexford Branch

Next meeting of the Wexford Branch is being held on Monday 21 October 2019 at 14:30

Budget 2020

Full details of Budget 2020 can be found on

A short account of some aspects that may be of interest to our members is attached.


Application of pension increases

The PSSC letter of 29 May 2019 to all pensioners has been withdrawn and is replaced by a letter of 11 October 2019 to all pensioners.

Many members have asked for material to print down about the USC and Household Benefits anomalies.  These and other documents can be found under Links & Resources.


Letter from PSSC

The PSSC has issued a letter dated 11 October 2019 to all pensioners about pension increases and PSPR.  The letter replaces their letter of 29 May 2019.  If you have any queries about the letter, the PSSC dedicated email address is and the PSSC...

Revenue Modernisation

For Information - the following is a statement from the Revenue website End of year statement Your 2018 P60 is the last P60 you will receive from your employer. From 2019, an end of year statement will be available to you in myAccount. This will include details of all...

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