The following was received from Pensions Operation, Payroll Services:

Ann Walsh,
Retired Civil and Public Service Association.

Dear Ann,
The National Shared Services (NSSO) has contacted the RCPSA in relation to the application of the Building Momentum Agreement and the payment of any remaining arrears due to retirees. 

RCPSA has been advised that task is complex due to the period of retrospection applying and the broad range of categories where arrears are due. Certain elements of the work process have been completed. However, prior to making any payments the NSSO is carrying out a comprehensive validation of the arrears values to ensure that the arrears paid to individuals are correct.

Unfortunately, this means that the timeline for making these payments will be beyond end of quarter one, 2023. While it is not feasible to provide specific dates at this point, we can assure you that every effort is being made to process these payments as soon as is possible.

A further update when the dates for payment can be confirmed.
The NSSO wish to thanked members for their understanding of the complexities involved in processing these arrears payments and the support in communicating and advising RCPSA members on the current status of application of the agreement.

Any queries in relation to the above please can. Be dealt with by contacting:

Pensions Operation
Payroll Services,
National Shared Services Office.
Tel: 01 7738716