If a pensioner dies, the next of kin should, as soon as is practicable, notify the pension provider of the death.

The Payroll Shared Service (PSS) pays the pensions of civil servants and several other retired public service groups.  Once advised of the death, the PSS will issue information to the next of kin about the steps to be taken and, in particular, details of how to apply for a Spouses’ and/or Children’s Pension, if eligible.

If the person who died was in receipt of a pension from the Department of Social Protection (eg State Pension or Widow’s Pension), the next of kin should, as soon as is practicable, notify that Department of the death.

Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s Pension (Dept Social Protection)

If there is a surviving spouse, he or she may qualify for a Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s Pension.  This is separate to the Spouses’ and Children’s Pension mentioned above.  It is advisable to write to the Department of Social Protection as early as possible or to contact a Citizens Information Centre.  There is a Citizens Information Centre in each county in Ireland.

The Citizens Information website has a lot of very useful information to help members through the very difficult time following the death of a family member – see https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/death/when_someone_dies_in_ireland.html

Newsletter: To enable us to remove a deceased member from our mailing list, it would be appreciated if the next of kin could inform the RCPSA of the death, when convenient, on info@rcpsa.ie or by phoning 087-131-7062.

Contact information for the PSS


All Retirees (except military)   helpdesk@pssc.gov.ie     

Military Retirees   militarypensions@pssc.gov.ie


All Retirees (except military)  076 100 2702

Military Retirees   076 100 2703

Other organisations

If the pension of the deceased person was not paid by the PSS, you are advised to contact the organisation which was paying the pension (ie An Post, Coillte, Teagasc, etc).