I trust that you and your families are safe and well.

We held our normal monthly Council meeting in February 2020.  All subsequent scheduled meetings were cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  In addition, as events unfolded, it became necessary to postpone our AGM which had been scheduled for May 2020. 

Unfortunately, it has now been considered prudent to postpone our 75-year anniversary celebration until next year.

There are some ongoing housekeeping matters which are necessary to keep the organisation running – such as GDPR agreements, public liability insurance and the ongoing development of our website.  To deal with such matters, the Officers of the RCPSA have been holding virtual meetings by Zoom, as necessary.  The matters dealt with at those meetings are those that are imperative and time bound.  All other matters are being held over until it is possible to hold a full Council meeting.  So, if you or your Branch, have any issues or queries outstanding, please bear with us.  They have not been overlooked – they are awaiting the resumption of normal business.

With regard to our AGM, the Officers, in consultation with the Standing Orders Committee, are considering what options might be feasible for an AGM this year, taking into account Government advice on group meetings.

Every effort is being made to keep our website updated.  Members are urged to consult it regularly.

Wishing you and your families well in these difficult times,

Your sincerely,

Paul Monks

President of the RCPSA