The exclusion of retired civil servants from the Government’s Public Sector Pay Commission has been branded “ageist” by the Retired Civil and Public Servants’ Association.
RCPSA President Mary Farrell has called on the Government to “treat retired public servants with respect” by extending the terms of reference of the commission to formally include representatives of public service retirees. Speaking ahead of the RCPSA’s AGM in Dublin next Thursday, Ms Farrell warned that retired public servants will no longer accept “having to wait outside the door” when it comes to decisions which affect their futures. She said: “We as pensioners were excluded from both the Lansdowne Road and Haddington Road negotiations – now we’re being omitted from the Public Sector Pay Commission. “This reflects the deeply ageist slant of Irish society. The attitude of society is such that people – when they reach a particular point in their lives – become persons about whom decisions are made and who are not involved in the decision making process in relation to their own lives and on issues that matter to them . “The Public Sector Pay Commission should not become another forum where we as pensioners are expected to wait outside the door like supplicants while our futures are determined within by the representatives of working colleagues and of Government.” Ms Farrell added: “On behalf of our membership of almost 10,000 retirees, I am calling on the Government to treat retired public servants with respect by extending the terms of reference to make room for our representatives on a formal basis. This will ensure that there is an independent and transparent system in place for future pension determination. “The RCPSA, which is now in its 71 st year, is urging all retired civil and public servants to join its ranks and add strength to our number. Our members, past and present, have helped forge the Ireland we live in today, we are now working together to ensure we get the fair and equitable treatment we deserve from the State we served. The RCPSA AGM will take place in the Aisling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8 on Thursday, May 26 at 2pm. Members as well as retired and soon to be retired civil and public servants are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be provided from 12.45pm.