The Health Insurance Authority (HIA) has published a document for public consultation.  The topic is the community-rated health insurance market in Ireland and proposed changes to the Risk Equalisation Scheme.

In particular the HIA would welcome your views on the following:

(1) Given that Ireland has a voluntary community rated market for health insurance, do you agree with the principle and overall substance of the Risk Equalisation Scheme?

(2) Would the changes proposed affect your involvement in the private health insurance market?

(3) Are there risks or vulnerabilities that do not feature and should be included, and why

(4) Do you have additional suggestions for refinement of the Risk Equalisation Scheme in Ireland?

A link to the full document is given below.

Personal, confidential or commercially sensitive information should not be included in your submission.  All submissions will be subject to Freedom of Information and to Data Protection legislation.  Submissions may be made available on the Department of Health’s website.

To make a submission as part of this public consultation please send your submissions to 

Alternatively, post your submissions to: Risk Equalisation Scheme Consultation, Health Insurance Authority Beaux Lane House Mercer Street Lower Saint Peter’s Dublin 2

The deadline for receipt of submissions is Monday 1 February 2021.