The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has published the Circular on the application of 1 July 2021 FEMPI Pay Restoration for certain Civil Service Grades with basic salary of not more than €150,000 (ie Principal and Assistant Principal levels). 

Circular 09/2021 sets out the pay restoration due on 1 July 2021 as provided for by section 19 of the Public Service Pay and Pensions Act 2017 (“the Act”).  Where section 19 applies, it relates to grades with basic salary of not more than €150,000.  In the main, restoration in the civil service applies to the General Service grades of Assistant Principal, Principal and equivalent professional technical grades.  The majority of civil servants with pay rates below these grades have already received pay restoration due under the Act.    

The completion of outstanding pay restoration for grades with basic salary of more than €150,000 is due by 1 July 2022 under section 20 of the Act, and will be subject to a further circular at that time.  In line with section 19(3) of the 2017 Act, no further restoration is due where the basic salary is equal to or exceeds the amount at which it stood immediately before the enactment of section 2 of the FEMPI No. 2 Act of 2009.

Please note paragraph 4.1 which states:

4.1. Instructions will issue separately on increasing pensions in payment as a result of the pay restoration due on 1 July 2021

We will post the further details to this website when they become available.

Relationship to Pay increases under the Building Momentum Pay Agreement

The Pay Agreement states that, where an individual is due an amount of pay restoration by July 2021 under Section 19, or by July 2022 under Section 20 of the Public Service Pay Pensions Act 2017, they will not benefit from the general round increase in that year.  Where the amount of restoration is less than the general round increase the individual will be eligible to be paid the balance on the date of the general round increase.

Details of the changes in the PO and AP payscales are attached for ease of reference.