Information with regard to the eircom Superannuation Funds, issued on behalf of Brian Duncan, Chairman of the Trustees of the eircom Superannuation Fund and Ray Lawlor, Chairman of the Trustees of the eircom No 2 Superannuation Fund.

We are going through a very difficult time for everyone but specially pensioners. The trustees of both Funds are very aware of the need to ensure that pension and other benefits continue to be paid on the due dates. We have, therefore, been in contact with our service providers, asking them to confirm that they have appropriate business continuity procedures in place to ensure that the service they provide will be protected and maintained.

Mercer are responsible for the payment of pensions to members of the Scheme and they have advised us that Mercer has systems in place to ensure continuity of service to you and your members.

While Mercer are the main provider in relation to pensioners Aon have a role, especially in relation to the setting up of new pensions. They have given a similar commitment to Mercer.

20 March 2020