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A welcome message from our president, and a message for 2018 regarding activities and moving forward.

Speech by Sean O Riordain of the RCPSA

We also hope that the meeting will be useful in answering questions about how individual pensioners might help in the Alliance campaign for the ending of emergency powers used to reduce public service pensions and the ending of discrimination against public service pensioners in the application of the Universal Social Charge.

Press Release May 2014

I have been asked by Council to address the AGM in relation to the recent establishment of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants.

Press Release November 2012

PRE BUDGET SUBMISSION RCPSA Approach to Budget The Association is very concerned at the orchestrated representation of pensioners as a privileged class which has largely escaped the effects of the economic crises and which is now ripe for plucking in the upcoming...

Press Release March 2013

Public service pensioners fully understand and appreciate the impact of economic crisis on the community (of which they and their families are part) and the difficulties facing any government in addressing them. Many of the austerity measures, especially those...

Press Release July 2012

CONCERNS WERE EXPRESSED BY MEMBERS ABOUT THE HUGE IMPACT OF AUSTERITY MEASURES ON PENSIONERS. The Council of the Retired Civil and Public Servants’ Association (RCPSA) is issuing the attached Press Release with an EMBARGO until Monday 9th July, 2012. The RCPSA...